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In writing this, I realize that somehow Brunch Club hasn’t been to Bullitt SF for bottomless brunch – I’ll rectify that ASAP. In the mean time, we’ve been to their Wing Wednesday, and it’s worth the trip. It’s owned by the Tonic Group, proprietors of such fine establishments as Soda Popinski’s, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem and Tonic (obvi), so it should come as no surprise that they know what they’re doing when it comes to the bar staple that is Wing Wednesday.

The Bar

You’ll find Bullitt SF on Polk between Vallejo and Green. Inside, it’s a medium-sized space with high top tables lining the wall opposite the bar. There are several TVs, which means it gets crowded when there’s a game of note on. Thankfully that’s not usually a problem for Wing Wednesday, since virtually nothing interesting in sports happens on Wednesdays, but it can get crowded nonetheless. It’s pretty hit or miss, but it doesn’t hurt to get there early.

It’s also worth noting that their frosΓ© is excellent when it’s hot out.

The Wings

They’ve got your standard Wing Wednesday deal, with wings at 25 cents a pop and no restrictions on how many you can order, and their wings are definitely on the larger side. They’ve got five flavors: buffalo, sweet chili habanero, bbq and wasabi miso ginger. “But you only listed four flavors,” you say, because you’re the sort of clever and astute person that visits this site. Don’t worry, I’ll get to flavor number five. In the mean time, my thoughts on the flavors:

  • Buffalo: Nothing special about these, but they’re definitely solid buffalo wings.
  • Sweet Chili Habanero: I’m often not a fan of sweet wings, because they tend to be way too sweet – not the case here. These are just sweet enough with a nice kick to them.
  • BBQ: I’m also generally not a fan of BBQ wings because they tend to be too sweet, and these fit the bill. If you’re a BBQ wing lover, these are probably worth your while.
  • Wasabi Miso Ginger: I appreciate the attempt at a novel wing flavor, but these just tasted weird to me.

So what’s the mystery flavor number five? It’s their Carolina Reaper Death Wings of Destruction, which aren’t really designed for human consumption. Rather, they’re there as part of Bullitt SF’s wing challenge – if you can eat four of them in five minutes without drinking anything, you get your full order of wings and a couple of shots of Jameson for free. So how hot are they? Obviously I didn’t try them, but a good friend who is something of an expert in spicy foods took the challenge, and she had no problem whatsoever – she said if she could’ve had a beer with them, she would’ve enjoyed them. That said, I’ve literally seen a grown man weep after inadvertently putting some of her usual hot sauce on his food, so it’s tough to say where they stand for a normal human. You should definitely try them and send me a video of your attempt.

The Service

The service was good – despite the fact that it was a packed house with everyone ordering wings, they still came out quickly, and our waitress checked on us frequently. She wasn’t sure about the wing challenge rules, since apparently my friend was the second person she’d seen try it, and I think as a result she gave us too good a deal for succeeding (she comped all the wings that the entire table ate). No complaints about that.


Bullitt SF is a solid bar with a solid Wing Wednesday deal. It’s not a huge space, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for a big group, but if you’ve got a few folks and a hankering for some wings, you should definitely head on over.

Rating:Β πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—


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