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Let’s start with an important note: make sure you go to Score! Sports Bar and Lounge, not SCORE mentors. The latter doesn’t have Wing Wednesday.

The Bar

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, Score! Sports Bar is at the very south end of North Beach at Broadway and Kearny, and it is, as you can imagine, a sports bar. It’s a very large space with a whole lot of TVs, so if you happen to be a degenerate gambler with bets on some second-tier football games that no one else wants to watch, you might be able to get the bartender to show them here.Β It’s also very much a beer pong bar – there are maybe a dozen tables, so get your pitchers, grab some balls and play a game or two.

When we got to Score, it was completely empty. By the time we left, there were fewer than five other people in it. If you don’t want to wait for wings and a drink, this isn’t a bad choice. If you’re looking to make lots of new friends, this might not be the place. I will say that there were no major games on that Wednesday, so it’ll likely be more crowded if the Warriors or the Giants are playing that day.

The Wings

The wings at Score! Sports Bar are twice the price of most Wing Wednesdays, coming in at a still-affordable 50 cents. There’s also a two drink minimum that’s easy to hit with a reasonably-priced pitcher or two. We got the wings fast (but again, only people there) and steaming hot, and I’d generally say they were quite tender and reasonably large. They’ve got five flavors:

  • Buffalo: Traditional, not too spicy, and just a little bit sweet. Nothing extraordinary, but very solid.
  • Sweet Chili: These were a little sweet for me, but definitely not bad. Not spicy at all.
  • Lemon Pepper: I was surprised by how good these were – they were lightly sauced compared to everything else, and it really helped bring out the tenderness of the wings. The flavor isn’t dramatic, but it’s delicious.
  • Garlic Parmesan: Not a fan of these – I thought the Parmesan gave them a weird texture, and the flavor was pretty bland and not at all garlicky.
  • BBQ: These might have been my favorite BBQ wings so far; the flavor is much more subtle and less sweet than most places.

The Service

You order from the bar, and they bring the wings out. Based on the size of the place, even if it’s crowded I can’t imagine anyone having a problem finding a place to sit and eat. Thumbs up all around on the staff here as well.


This is a great option; lots of space, good wings and plenty of beer pong and TV to keep you occupied. The only downside is that the wings are more expensive than other places, but at 50 cents a pop, they’re tough to complain about.

Rating:Β πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—

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