Blue Light Wings

The Blue Light bar is a Marina spot with a pretty standard Wing Wednesday special, so Brunch Club went to investigate. We found it to be pretty mediocre, and given that it’s right across the street from Bar None, it’s probably not worth a visit.

The Bar

You’ll find Blue Light bar on Union between Buchanan and Laguna. If you’re like me, the first thing you’ll notice when you get inside is that it feels kind of run down – not quite the dive bar aesthetic, just a sports bar that hasn’t been especially well maintained. It’s a mid-sized establishment with a fair number of tables and a long bar, as well as a pool table in the back. There are plenty of TVs, but otherwise the place is pretty nondescript.

The Wings

Their special is the standard – 25 cent wings – and the only restriction is you have to order in batches of four. They also have an accompanying beer special of buy one get one for one dollar Buds and Bud Lights.

They’ve got five flavors of wings: naked, cajun spicy, garlic parmesan, buffalo and BBQ. All of them are dry rubbed wings, which isn’t my preference, but if you’re into that sort of thing, this is one of a few places that do their wings that way. The real problem, though, is that the wings are tiny. They’re clearly getting the dregs of whatever wings their supplier has available to keep costs down, so you just get a plate of sad looking tiny bones with a little meat on them.

We didn’t try the naked (because why would we), but my thoughts on the rest:

  • Cajun spicy: These were pretty good – nice flavor and a decent level of heat.
  • Garlic parmesan: Not spicy at all, for those looking to avoid heat. I thought there was too much garlic and not enough parmesan, but either way I’m not a big fan of this concept generally.
  • Buffalo: I’m biased against these because they’re done dry, which I felt was very strange, but I just generally thought they were mediocre. A bit of heat, but generally lacking in flavor.
  • BBQ: I’ve said before that I’m not a fan of BBQ wings, and the same applies here, especially sans sauce.

The Service

When we got there it was pretty quiet. There wasn’t a waitress yet, so we had to order at the bar, but things came out quickly. As it got crowded, a waitress showed up, but the wings really started to come out slowly. The staff was fine, but it seems like they weren’t prepared for a Wing Wednesday crowd.


If you love dry rubbed wings, you’ll want to come to The Blue Light bar, but even then you’ll be disappointed with the ambiance and the size of the wings.

Rating: 🍗🍗

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