Bar None Wings

Bar None SF is a Marina staple, best known for its beer pong tables, but it’s also got a Wing Wednesday special that’s worth trying (and we won’t hold it against you if you stay for a game of pong or two afterwards).

The Bar

Bar None SF is in the heart of the Marina on Union between Buchanan and Laguna (right across from Blue Light). It’s a classic watering hole for Marina bros, with shuffleboard, darts and plenty of arcade games in addition to the aforementioned beer pong tables. There are also TVs everywhere, so you’ll be able to catch your game while you eat your wings.

Despite what must be gallons of beer that get spilled on the floor every night, it’s clean and well maintained if you get there in the early evening. It’s a good sized place, but it can get crowded, even on a Wednesday, as kickball leagues filter in once their games end.

The Wings

The standard deal here – 25 cent wings, no restrictions of any kind. If you want variety, Bar None SF isn’t your place; the only wings you’ll find here are traditional buffalo (which, frankly, I can respect). They’re good sized, and they do the buffalo sauce well – not too spicy and some good flavor.

The Service

The bartenders at Bar None SF are always friendly and generally happy to shoot the breeze about whatever sports are going on if it’s not crowded. If you get in early, wings come out right away, but even once it starts to get crowded things still move pretty quickly.


If you just want a traditional sports bar and some good old fashioned buffalo wings, Bar None SF is a perfect place. Consider getting in on the early side to avoid the crowd (or get in later and challenge them to a game of beer pong).

Rating: 🍗🍗🍗🍗

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