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Uva Enoteca is on Haight St. in Hayes Valley, and while it bills itself as a wine bar, it also has some excellent small plates and pizzas. The space is small, so make sure you make a reservation, especially if you’ve got a large group. We had a reservation at 1:15 and arrived on time, but because there were a couple of large tables still drinking bellinis, we had to wait about 20 minutes to get seated.

The Bottomless

$15 for 2.5 hours of bottomless bellinis, though I doubt they’d cut you off. Brunch service stops at 3, so we weren’t able to test the limit. Still, they brought us out a carafe at about 3:15, so they hardly seem like sticklers for the rules.

The bellinis come by the carafe, and each carafe is a bottle of champagne and a can of peach juice. A little sweet for my taste, but certainly not bad. At one point we had to wait a few minutes for refills, and the waitress informed us they just needed to chill more champagne. Besides that, though, our glasses never hit the bottom.

The Food

The brunch menu at Uva Enoteca is somewhat limited, but there are still solid breakfast and lunch options. Our table skewed towards lunch, mostly getting pizzas. I went for the kale pizza with no kale, which sounds counterintuitive, except that it’s really a sausage pizza with kale on it. It was excellent – fairly thin and very crisp, and the mozzarella was clearly very fresh.

We also had a boar bolognese lasagna at the table that get rave reviews and a side of biscuits that were freshly baked, flaky and drizzled with honey.

The Service

There were only a couple of people working in the front of the house, but they were nonetheless very attentive. The waitress/hostess sat us at the bar while we waited for our table (and apologized for the delay), and she got our mimosas started plus gave us complimentary biscuits. Thumbs up.


Uva Enoteca offers a nice, upscale experience in an intimate setting, and the staff is pleasant and attentive. The food is excellent, with ingredients notable for their freshness, and the bellinis come out quickly and are reasonable priced. This is definitely one bottomless brunch to try.

Rating: 🍾🍾🍾🍾

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