The Sycamore SF brunch can be found in the Mission on Mission, and, naturally Sycamore. It just looks like a neighborhood dive bar – certainly not the kind of place you’d expect to go for bunch. The inside is pretty dark, but they walked us through there to a back patio that was pretty nice. It was looking like it might rain, so awnings were up. I’ve been back since, and in nice weather it’s a nice little place to sit. They’ve also got a number of board games if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Bottomless

$12, but only $8 if you order food (which you should). Just regular mimosas, but you can also get a Bloody Mary for $6. No time limit and no carafes. The ratio was okay, if a little OJ heavy.

The Food

Surprisingly good for a wine bar. They’ve got a lot of the usual breakfast dishes, like scrambles and benedicts, along with some basic salads and sandwiches.

What really stood out, though were some of their sweeter breakfasts. I had the chicken and waffles, which were great with an interesting sweet syrup on them. We also split the pork belly “donuts,” which are a must-have. They’re served with a Maker’s Mark glaze that goes incredibly well with the fat in the pork belly. The other standouts were the sliders, which you can mix and match. The ground lamb and breakfast chicken were unique, but the more classic ones like the fried egg slider were great as well.

As with the bottomless, food prices were very reasonable, with a full meal coming in at $10-13.

The Service

Good – we got refills relatively quickly. We also had a number of people coming and going mid-meal, and they were accommodating to us.


If you want to get some solid brunch food with your bottomless mimosas and not break the bank, The Sycamore is a good choice.

Rating: 🍾🍾🍾🍾

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