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I wasn’t going to review Swift’s Attic because it’s in Austin and thus not immediately relevant to most of my loyal readers. That said, I decided to go for it anyway for several reasons:

  • I think we can all agree that Brunch Club is destined to become an international brand
  • You should go to Austin, because Austin is amazing
  • You should go to Swift’s Attic, because Swift’s Attic is amazing

I will also note that Swift’s Attic doesn’t have bottomless, but it does have $1 mimosas, so unless you are even better at brunch drinking than I am (unlikely), it’s really better than bottomless anyway.

The Bottomless

As mentioned, $1/mimosa. When asked for light OJ in our mimosas, our waiter described them as being made with “a whisper” of orange juice. He was right – they were made as God intended, with just a splash of OJ.

Obviously since you’re paying per mimosa there aren’t carafes nor do they come around refilling you, so make sure you order your next round before you finish the current one.

The Food

So good. We started with a pork cheek kolache (if you’re unfamiliar with the term, take a look at THIS BLOG POST LINK ME), which tasted like it was filled with a sweet carnitas. The biscuits were flaky. The chicken fried steak was crisp. The korean BBQ flank steak was perfectly rare and came with crispy kimchi rice.

The Service

We visited Swift’s Attic on the Sunday morning at the end of a four day bachelor party, and our waiter made a couple of jokes about our sorry appearance (fair) then was generally amusing, attentive and courteous. The aforementioned goat cheek kolache was a special, so he said it out loud, and we heard goat cheese kolache. We asked about it, and even though we explained that it wasn’t an issue and what we got was delicious, he still apologized and sent us a free cream cheese stuffed banana bread (also fantastic).


One of the best brunches I’ve been to in my life. Highly recommended to anyone, and definitely great if you’ve got a big group.

Rating: 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾

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