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Sweet Maple is in Lower Pac Heights on Sutter and Steiner. It’s best know for its Millionaire’s Bacon, which is indeed worth the hype. It also tends to be quite crowded at typical brunch hours, and because there’s no reservations, you’re just going to have to wait to get in. If you can, have someone get there early and put down a name, but make sure everyone’s there by the time you get called or risk losing your spot.
The Bottomless
$20 for two hours. They have three varieties (regular, grapefruit, raspberry lemonade), and while in practice they’re only supposed to let you have one of the three for your bottomless, our waiter wasn’t picky about filling us back up with whatever we asked for. They don’t have carafes, but they did come around frequently to refill us.
Unfortunately while they have bottomless mimosas, they lack the bottomless spirit. The best explanation I can give you is a quote from their menu: “We kindly ask our bottomless customers, in order to make Sweet Maple brunch enjoyable for all guests, Please keep your laughters and voices lower and limit your seating time to two hours.” Preemptive warnings against loud laughter are never a great sign.
The Food
All excellent. The Millionaire’s Bacon lived up to the hype – it’s extremely thick, baked in brown sugar, cayenne and pepper, and is sweet with just a bit of spice to it. I got the Millionaire’s Melt, which is a breakfast sandwich with egg and cheese, and I highly recommend it as a way to get your bacon fix and a hearty meal.
Beyond that, they’ve mostly got the usual brunch fare as well as burgers and sandwiches. We all went for breakfast foods, which were definitely solid. 
The Service
As the aforementioned laughter warning presaged, the manager was not a fan of us and our enjoyment of brunch. At one point he came over to chastise someone at our table for sneezing (and just to be clear the sneeze was not directed at other patrons or food). The waiter, on the other hand, was quick and always made sure our glasses got filled up, so points for him. At two hours we were promptly cut off.
Good food with a unique dish and solid mimosas, but a strict time limit on bottomless and an anti-fun policy really put a damper on brunch.
Rating: 🍾🍾🍾
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