Surisan is a Korean restaurant in Fisherman’s Wharf owned by the same restaurant group that runs Sweet Maple, Kitchen Story and Blackwood. Unlike most of what you’ll find in the wharf, there’s neither fried seafood nor throngs of tourists. Surisan sports a good sized outdoor patio that gets sun until about 1pm (and welcomes dogs!).

The Bottomless

$20 gets you 90 minutes of bottomless mimosas. The varieties they have listed are original, bitter and sweet, which correspond to OJ, grapefruit and raspberry respectively. They’ll just keep filling you up with OJ unless you ask for something else, which I recommend you do, as while all the mimosas were pretty heavy on the juice, the OJ ones were the worst culprit there. No carafes, but they were pretty good about refills. We paid right at about 90 minutes, and they just stopped coming by to offer refills, so the time limit does seem to be enforced if not explicitly so.

The Food

Some excellent Korean food here – I had their K-tacos with a side of KFC (Korean fried chicken, obviously). The former was fantastic, packed full of Korean spicy pork and served with a few rather unique salsas on the side. The latter was good but served dry with the sauce on the side, where I’m more accustomed to my Korean fried chicken being cooked and served in the sauce. Still very good, though. Several folks at our table had the Loco Moco, which, if you’re unfamiliar, is basically rice topped with a hamburger patty and an egg. It was delicious, super filling and nicely presented.

Beyond the Korean side of things, they also have some more traditional breakfast entrees – we had an eggs blackstone at the table, which is served with the traditional Millionaire’s bacon available at all the restaurants this group owns. They’ve also got scrambles, a ricotta pancake and blueberry stuffed crunch French toast, which I still regret not trying.

The Service

The service at Surisan was generally solid – only hiccup was that we were assured a table outside with our reservation, and it appeared that the person taking it did not make a note of that. As a result, we had to wait a bit for an outside table, but we had a small group this week, so it wasn’t a huge problem. Food came out fairly quickly, as did mimosas.


This is the only Korean brunch I’ve found in SF so far, and it’s a really nice change of pace from traditional brunches. The food is excellent, the patio is wonderful on a nice day and somehow all the tourists in the neighborhood haven’t found this place. Go to Surisan before they do.

Rating: 🍾🍾🍾🍾

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