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If you follow Brunch Club, you know we love Stock in Trade for their excellent bottomless brunch. You can imagine our reaction then, when they told us about their bottomless dinner. We headed over posthaste, and it definitely lived up to expectations.

Bottomless dinner is every Thursday night, and since Stock in Trade has lots of TVs it’s perfect for catching Thursday Night Football over a beer or two or ten. I was shocked at how empty it was, but no complaints; we got a great table and the service was great.

The Bottomless

$21 for two hours of unlimited beer (except Guinness), house wine and prosecco. You have to order food, but that’s not a problem because…

The Food

As with Stock in Trade’s bottomless brunch, their bottomless dinner has really good food – much better than you’d expect from a sports bar. We started with some appetizers; the pork sliders, their deviled eggs and the animal style fries. The eggs were solid, each topped with some bacon, and the sliders were excellent, with tender pork, great sweetness on the sauce and nicely toasted buns. The fries were the real standout, though. They were smothered in cheese (and not the cheap nacho kind), caramelized onions and their pulled pork, which you should definitely add.

For entrees, we went with mac and cheese, ribs and the burger. I tried some of each, and they all get a thumbs up from yours truly. The ribs were solid – not as good as you’d get at a real BBQ place, but still tender and flavorful. The burger was a little messy, but that’s just because it was covered in caramelized onions and the beef was juicy. Easily my favorite of the bunch. The mac and cheese was also excellent; you can tell they don’t skimp on the quality cheese. It’s also topped with breadcrumbs to give it a nice texture when you first take a bite.

The Service

Top notch – I never saw the bottom of a glass. They also didn’t cut us off after the first two hours; we were there for a full football game. Our server was friendly, and we had a great time.


I’m really surprised that more people weren’t at bottomless dinner – it’s an amazing deal if you’re looking to get dinner and drinks on a Thursday night, and it’s perfect for watching a game. I highly recommend it!

Rating: 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻

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