Stock in Trade is quite possibly the broiest brunch in San Francisco, as you might guess from the tagline printed on their menus – “Embrace your inner Marina!” However you may feel about bros, though, they do know a thing or two about day drinking, and the end result is that Stock in Trade is a ton of fun.
It’s also a great place to come for brunch if there’s a sporting event you want to watch over mimosas – there are TVs all over the place. They also have an indoor lawn games setup with bocce ball and cornhole.


The Bottomless
stock in trade sf breakfast shots$19 for bottomless mimosas with OJ, peach and pomegranate. No time limit, and not only do they come out in carafes, but the wait staff doesn’t make you deal with pesky things like choosing what flavor you want – as soon as we said bottomless, our waitress immediately brought out one of each, and the refills kept coming.


While not technically bottomless, one other standout aspect of their brunch drink menu is the breakfast shots. You read that right – they do in fact have a section of the menu dedicated to breakfast shots. The best of these, in this author’s humble opinion, is the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which is a mix of Fireball and Bailey’s. Depending on how much you like Fireball, you were probably either intrigued or disgusted by that description. If Fireball’s not your thing, they also have one with Patron’s coffee liqueur and Bailey’s and another with Sailor Jerry and butterscotch schnapps. 


The Food
Nothing exciting, but good, solid fare here. I had the steak and egg sandwich, which was big and hearty with the steak done correctly (medium rare). It also came with some great thin, crispy fries. Definitely the kind of meal you want inside you before you you start taking shots at noon.


A friend had the nachos, which I picked at quite a bit – they’re good-sized and come served in a skillet, and the chef didn’t skimp on the toppings. The breakfast burrito also got a solid thumbs up from another bruncher.


The Service
One mildly strange thing happened, which was that they couldn’t give us a noon reservation (we ended up getting one at 11:30), but the place was only about half full for the entire time we were there. Not a big deal, and otherwise the service was great. 


Our waitress wasn’t checking in on us too regularly, but with mimosas coming out by the carafe, that wasn’t really necessary. Anyone we flagged down, including the bus boy, was happy to take an order for another round of shots or grab us fresh carafes. 


Note that a 20% tip is included if your group is big enough.


This place is as Marina as it gets – we were there the weekend of Coachella and saw a table of girls in flower headbands having brunch amidst all the bros. Still, don’t let that deter you. It’s a great brunch with good food and an entertaining environment, and I heartily recommend it.


Rating: 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾
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