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Shabu House is a chain of shabu shabu restaurants in and near San Francisco, and we visited the one at 354 Clement in the Inner Richmond. There’s nothing especially exciting about the location or decor – it’s got the usual shabu setup of shared tables with hot pots in the middle – but it was generally clean and pleasant.

The Bottomless

As usual, we make an exception here at Brunch Club for shabu shabu restaurants that follow our most sacred principle of having all you can drink service. In this case, the deal is all you can eat and drink for $46 with meat or $36 with vegetarian. Two hour limit on that, and it includes Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo and their house sake, served cold.

The Food

Shabu House gives you three options for broth – water (boring), spicy miso and ginger chicken. We had enough space for two pots, so we chose the latter two options. The ginger chicken had a subtle ginger flavor, but beyond that the two honestly weren’t that different.

Your meat choices include beef (which they call “American style Kobe beef,” an utterly meaningless description), lamb and pork. All excellent, though I’m not a big fan of pork at shabu; I prefer fattier meats. The vegetarian items were the usual shabu fare – a couple kinds of noodles, mushrooms, cabbage and tofu. Rice is available upon request.

We learned at the end that your all you can eat and drink came with ice cream, but we’d all eaten too much to bother with it.

The Service

Very solid – beers came out regularly, and while we occasionally had to ask for more sake, it always came back immediately. Meat service was similar; not quite as fast as what you get at Mums, but fast enough for me to be uncomfortably full after about an hour (not that that stopped me from continuing to eat for the remaining hour).


Shabu House is a good shabu option, especially if you live out in the boonies that are the Richmond. There are also locations in West Portal, Burlingame and Milpitas for you even more suburban folks. Good food and good times!


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