Sessions is a really lovely restaurant nestled in the Presidio. If it’s a nice day, best to get a spot on their large patio, so you can drink while you look out at the park. In addition to mimosas, they also offer a rotating set of three beers for their bottomless, but be aware that they’re very strict about the 90 minute limit. We had a few people roll in late and they kept a hard 90 minute timer going for each person based on arrival time.
The Bottomless
$19 for bottomless mimosas or a selection of three beers. I opted for the beers – the day I was there, they had a lager, an IPA and a stout, but the waitress said the selection rotates. No carafes on the mimosas, and the refill speed wasn’t great. Very strictly enforced 90 minute time limit.
The Food
The food was fine – I’d roughly describe the menu as fancy versions of traditional breakfast dishes. These include things like pastrami and eggs with mustard kraut and fish and chips (made with local line-caught cod, naturally). 
It was all a bit on the expensive side and presented nicely, but overall it none of it was really much better than the usual breakfast fare you can get anywhere.
The Service
Our waitress was not a fan of us – this clearly isn’t a place where they expect large groups to be boisterous. She wasn’t great about getting us refills quickly and seemed annoyed when we asked for them. When she told one of our friends the 90 minute clock was up and that she wouldn’t serve him any more, he complained that the refills had been very slow and asked for a couple of extra rounds as compensation. She rolled her eyes and said no, then when he persisted she said she’d get the manager in an irritated tone. We decided to just drop it and take our business elsewhere next time.
The patio is nice on a sunny day, and the scenery is fantastic. Beyond that, though, Sessions does’t have much to offer. A good bottomless brunch requires good service, and that certainly wasn’t the case here. The food was decent, though it didn’t live up to the fancy descriptions. The only thing that really stands out about this brunch is the option to get bottomless beer, but that’s not nearly exciting enough to make it worthwhile.
Rating: 🍾🍾
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