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The Pub is the rare example of some decent barbecue in San Francisco (and don’t get me wrong Southerners, I know nothing on this coast begins to compare to real BBQ, but when you live out here long enough you learn to settle). That may seem like a strange kind of cuisine to serve with bottomless mimosas, but I’m a humble believer that mimosas go with all delicious foods.
You can find the Pub at Ghiradelli Square (obviously) right on the water at Beach and Larkin. It’s directly across from the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park (a.k.a. Aquatic Cove a.k.a that one small beach a couple of blocks from Fisherman’s Wharf). Try to get a table on the patio, so you can eat facing the water, and when you’re done go lie on the grass or the sand and digest.
The Bottomless
$15 with an entree (and you’re going to want an entree anyway). Just regular mimosas – no carafes, but the champagne/OJ ratio is good and refills were fast and furious.
The Food
The Pub has both traditional brunch fare and BBQ, but I urge you in the strongest terms to skip the brunch foods and get BBQ. Their breakfast burrito is adequate but nothing special. If you must do a brunch dish, get the chicken and biscuits and throw a fried egg on there.
I asked the waiter for a recommendation on their best BBQ, and he pointed me to the brisket – I’m not usually a brisket guy, but he was right. Incredibly tender with great flavor. Beyond that, we got a bunch of combo plates that covered just about every BBQ dish. All great, but highlights were definitely the ribs and the pulled pork. Also, everything comes with their cornbread, which was nicely moist and buttery.
The Service
Great! Our waiter was really friendly and helpful, and any time someone wandered across the street briefly to get some sun, their mimosa was topped off upon return. 
If you’re craving BBQ with your brunch, this is the only place to go. It’s also a wonderful choice for a sunny day, since you can enjoy the scenery and go dip your toes in the water post-brunch. Highly recommended.
Rating: 🍾🍾🍾🍾
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