Park Chalet brunch was one of my main inspirations for putting together this site. Not because it had an especially inspiring bottomless brunch – the opposite, in fact. I found this place an an old list of bottomless brunches in SF, and after we all trekked all the way across the city and waited to sit down at our table, our waitress told us that they no longer offer bottomless. Ergo, the need for an up-to-date bottomless brunch site.
Still, the ride had been long and I was hung over, so we decided to just buy drinks the old fashioned way. This made Park Chalet brunch one of our more expensive ones, but the food was great and the setting is lovely. Park Chalet shares a building with Beach Chalet (you’ll find both in Golden Gate Park across from Ocean Beach), so when you go inside you’ll want to head straight back. The restaurant lets in a ton of natural light and opens out onto a large lawn where you can sip your cocktails and wait for a table. There are also frequently live bands during brunch time, and it all adds up to a great experience.
The Bottomless
Nothing to see here, folks. 
Park Chalet is a brewery (in conjunction with its sister restaurant, Beach Chalet – apparently there’s also a Lake Chalet in Oakland, but I’m not willing to venture that far), so it’s worth trying their sampler of eight 4 ounce beers. They’ve also got some very refreshing specialty lemonades (blueberry pomegranate and guava strawberry) – technically they don’t have alcohol, but the fine folks there are more than happy to dump some vodka in for five bucks.
The Food
I had the fish and chips, which were light, flaky and fresh. Other selections included some calamari and poke to start – both excellent – and the crab roll, which was nicely buttery and rich. You’re by the water, so just make sure you get yourself some seafood and you’ll do just fine.
The Service
Our waitress definitely disappointed us by telling us of the demise of their bottomless, but it’s tough to hold that against her. She also asked about my hangover (which was severe) to the table, which got a laugh. Beyond that, she was quick to get us food and refills and generally pleasant.
It’s tough for me to recommend Park Chalet brunch given their lack of bottomless, but the place does have plenty going for it. There’s live music, great seafood entrees and some refreshing drinks, all in a beautiful setting. 
Rating: 🍾🍾🍾
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