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You’ll find Blackwood SF deep in the heart of brunch country – the Marina. It’s a small place that shares ownership with Kitchen Story and Sweet Maple, so it’s got quite the brunch pedigree and also, more importantly, their famous Millionaire’s Bacon.

The one really unfortunate thing about Blackwood is that it doesn’t offer reservations for brunch. I don’t really get why a restaurant would cease using a perfectly good reservation system that’s in place for every other meal solely for brunch, but I guess that’s why I’m just a reviewer of brunches. In any case, because I care about you, loyal reader, I got there a bit early, put down my name and waited.

I should add that we had a group of six people, so not exactly an overwhelming number. Still, I got to the restaurant at about 1:40, and by the time we were seated it was 3:05. This was doubly problematic since their bottomless has a two hour limit but ends at 4. So yeah, despite a number of positives, I can’t recommend this place if you have more than four people (and even then be prepared to wait).

The Bottomless

$20 for two hours, assuming you’re seated before 2. Includes raspberry and regular mimosas, with a good champagne/juice ratio for both. No carafes, but they were pretty good about refilling us quickly. Also, the waiter told us that if the whole table got mimosas, he’d bring us some special drinks. Didn’t catch what they were, but at least they were pretty.

blackwood sf

The Food

Blackwood SF calls itself Thai, but it uses that term pretty broadly. The best thing on their menu was the Iron Pot, which is basically just bibimbap (Korean, for those keeping track). They also have a bunch of traditional breakfast dishes like pancakes, benedicts, omelettes and scrambles. Hit the lunch portion of the menu and you’ll find the Thai piece – just your usual pad thais and curries. I went with the Iron Pot, which was excellent – if you’re not familiar, it’s a big hot pot of rice, vegetables and meat with a fried egg on top. Came out piping hot and fresh, and the spicy sauce on the side was just right.

We didn’t have the Millionaire’s bacon, having eaten it at Sweet Maple in the past, but if you’ve never had it and you’re at Blackwood brunch, definitely order a side of it.

The Service

Outside of the very long wait, the service was good – the staff was very attentive and pleasant, and they made sure to bring us refills quickly. They did cut us off promptly at 4 so they could close the restaurant up, so definitely make sure you get there earlier to avoid the same fate.


If you’re just a couple of people looking for brunch, and you have a willingness to wait, Blackwood offers a good, solid brunch. That said, if your group is any more than four, there’s just no reason to ever choose Blackwood over the dozens of other brunch restaurants that take reservations.

Rating: 🍾🍾🍾

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Chubby Noodle

chubby noodle
Chubby Noodle is the solution to all of your problems, if all of your problems consist of the fact that you can't decide between bottomless
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Sunday Brunch Near Me: A San Francisco Guide to Brunch


I’m lazy. I admit it – in fact, I embrace it. The size and density of San Francisco has made me lazier. In LA, going a half hour to meet friends is nothing, but in this city a 15 minute Uber ride might as well be eternity. If you live in South San Francisco and ask me to come over, you might as well be telling me to get a plane ticket to Alaska. So when you wake up on Sunday (or Saturday – I don’t know why so many people think brunch is a Sunday thing, but I digress) and ask yourself “Where’s the best Sunday brunch near me?” I empathize. And so here I am, breaking down the best Sunday brunch near me (or you, I guess) in SF on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis just to make sure you know what’s not only great, but also within hung over stumbling distance.

The Mission

Starting in the south part of SF, we’ve got the Mission. You’d think there’d be a great Mexican brunch down here, but if so, I’ve yet to find it (if you know where it is, please let me know). The good news is there are still plenty of good options, the best of which is Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. Wings and totchos in a huge patio that’s got cornhole is a winning combination. If it’s not especially nice outside, there’s a shuffleboard table indoors. Either way, make this your go-to Mission brunch spot.

The Castro

It’s easy to tell you where to find the best brunch in the Castro, because if you’ve stopped by our list of the best brunches in San Francisco, you’ll know that this neighborhood is home to SF’s best brunch spot: Bisou. Friendly staff, great mimosas and good food make for the perfect brunch environment.


You didn’t think you’d find one of the best brunches in SF in a wine bar in SOMA, but it’s a crazy world we live in. If you’re getting your bottomless on before a Giants game, hit District, where both the booze and the food flows freely. With bottomless mimosas in five flavors plus Bloodys alongside a Southern-style brunch buffet, you can’t really go wrong here. Note that while Yelp says they’re only open on Sundays, they open on Saturday mornings if there’s a Giants game in the afternoon. This kind of bottomless brunch insight is what we’re here for.

Mission Bay

There’s really only one bottomless mimosa brunch in Mission Bay, but at least it’s a good one. If you wake up there and see the sun shining, head over to Mission Rock, where you can drink bottomless mimosas and eat fresh seafood while you sit on a deck overlooking the water. There are few better ways to spend a weekend morning.

mission rock resort

Nob Hill

This one’s near and dear to my heart – I live in Nob Hill, so this is truly where I look for Sunday brunch near me. If you live in Nob Hill, your excellent though expensive best option is Top of the Mark. It’s just about an even hundred bucks a head, but for bottomless champagne and the greatest brunch buffet in San Francisco, it’s a fair price. I’m talking prime rib, fresh seafood, caviar bar, omelettes and waffles made to order along with too many other dishes to describe here.


If you live in the Presidio, you should definitely take advantage of its beauty by having your brunch on the patio of Sessions at the Presidio. It’s got a great view and is a fantastic place to be when the sun’s out, plus they keep brunch interesting by offering something a little different – a selection of three bottomless beers (you can also do mimosas if you prefer).

Western Addition

Western Addition has one of the few brunches that I’ll save for Sunday at 1300 on Fillmore. They have bottomless bellinis both Saturday and Sunday, but on Sunday they have gospel brunch, so you can enjoy your drinks with some great, soulful singing. They also have one of the best Southern-style brunches in SF.

Financial District

Even though you don’t really think of the FiDi when you think of brunch, one of the best bottomless brunches in the city is tucked away in an alley there. I am, of course, referring to Pink Elephant. You serve yourself bottomless mimosas there, so no need to worry about refills. You’ve also got the option of almost 20 different juices from coconut and aloe vera to grapefruit and blueberry. It feels more like a club than a brunch place, so if you’re looking to party at noon, this is your spot.

Pacific Heights

The winner here is Harry’s, but you should definitely save this one for the day of a big game. It’s a sports bar with a classic feel – lots of dark wood and leather – and the food is on point (definitely try the fried deviled eggs).

North Beach

North Beach is home to one of the classic SF brunches – Don Pistos. Their agua fresca mimosas are a nice change of pace from the usual, and the other bottomless options (sangria and magaritas) go well with an excellent set of Mexican fare.


The Marina is the spiritual home to brunch in SF, and with good reasons. There are more brunches in this neighborhood than anywhere else, but if you have to choose one, choose Stock in Trade. It encapsulates the Marina experience (expect to be brunching next to lots of bros) with indoor bocce ball and cornhole, plus a section of the menu dedicated to breakfast shots (much better than they sound).

stock in trade sf

Golden Gate Park/Sunset

Technically it sits right between the two, but you’re looking for Beach Chalet. The bad news is that it’s not bottomless, but the good news is they have a very affordable sampler of their in-house brews, which are excellent. Combine that with great food and a beautiful view of the beach, and you’ve got yourself a solid brunch.

Noe Valley

If you must be in Noe Valley for brunch, you only have one option – Fresca. It’s nothing extraordinary as bottomless mimosa brunches go, but it’s not bad and the food is solid.

Hayes Valley

Like Noe Valley, there’s only one option here, but it’s Dobbs Ferry, which is terrible. Please go to a different neighborhood for brunch. Also if you know of any other bottomless brunches in Hayes Valley, let me know.


So next time you wake up and think “Ugh, I can’t go anywhere – where can I get Sunday brunch near me?”, just know Brunch Club has your back.

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