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Most of Brunch Club met when we were at Stanford, which means that when fall comes we’re frequently headed back down to Palo Alto to tailgate for Stanford football games. That was the case this Saturday, but since the game started late we had plenty of time to get brunch before hitting the tailgate. Lucky for us, it turns out that there are a few bottomless options, and we settled on Opa Palo Alto for its proximity to the Caltrain and Stanford.

We called and tried to make a reservation, but they wouldn’t take one for fewer than six people. Turned out that wasn’t much of an issue – the restaurant was mostly empty when we got there at 1pm. It’s a nice space (formerly where Miyake was, if you’re familiar with the area), and they’ve got a few TVs that were showing football when we arrived.

The Bottomless

The bottomless at Opa Palo Alto is quite reasonable – $13.99 for mimosas in three flavors (original, peach and berry). The ratio was pretty good, and I particularly enjoyed the berry, as it wasn’t too sweet. No time limit, but brunch ends at 2.

The Food

Opa serves traditional Greek food, and it’s very solid. We started with their sauce sampler – three of their sauces with pita bread. We chose spicy avocado, tzatziki and olive tapenade. All were excellent; the spicy avocado wasn’t especially spicy but was blended to a nice smooth consistency, the tzatziki was refreshing and the olive tapenade was fresh and flavorful. The accompanying pita pieces were thick and just a little crisp on the outside.

I had the lamb pita, which was pretty standard. The lamb was nicely cooked, and the pita was definitely fresh. They have a good-looking brunch menu including a baklava waffle, breakfast pita and Greek steak chilaquiles, but it was late enough that none of us tried any of those. Next time.

The Service

Our waiter and the manager were both very friendly, but the speed of mimosa refills left something to be desired. We had to ask for refills each time, even when our glasses were empty, and it took some time to get the waiter’s attention.


Opa Palo Alto is a solid, hearty meal with a reasonably priced bottomless mimosa deal, if you’re willing to harangue the waiter for your refills.

Rating: 🍾🍾🍾

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