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Oola SF is down in SOMA on Folsom between 4th and 5th. It does’t look like much from the outside, but once you get in it’s got an interesting, modern look to it, topped off with a projector playing strange music visualizations and Asian movies above the bar. We got a reservation for six, and we were all late because the March for Science had all of Market blocked off (don’t worry science, I still love you). The host called me when I was about 15 minutes late just to confirm I’d be showing up, but he was perfectly polite on the phone and when we get there, even though there were a couple of people missing from the party for a half hour after we got seated.

The Bottomless

You can get either bottomless mimosas (which included OJ, pineapple, blood orange and grapefruit – I recommend the blood orange) or bottomless Bloody Marys for $15, or you can get both for $18, which is obviously what we opted for. No time limit on these. They brought out a full glass for each of us along with one extra carafe of each flavor we ordered – since we tried them all, this basically meant a personal carafe for each of us, which is a concept I can get behind.

The Bloody Marys came out once we finished our first round of mimosas, and I honestly didn’t think they were great. I’d stick with the mimosas – good ratio of juice to champagne, and the blood orange and grapefruit are a nice change of pace from the usual.

The Food

Don’t bother looking at the menu; just order the Oola combo. It’s got a couple of ribs, a fried chicken slider, two eggs, smashed potatoes and salad. A great mix of food, and all well done. If that’s not your thing, the ratatouille with two poached eggs was solid as well. All the dishes were pretty good sized.

Generally, their menu has your usual brunch dishes but with little interesting twists that tended to be Southern in style (greens on the side, fried chicken sandwich, ribs). Makes for a nice change of pace.

The Service

Generally everyone was quite courteous – the only odd thing was that our waiter disappeared outside for quite a while. After a bit of us looking around, the bartender took notice and came to get our orders, which was nice. Mimosas refills were as fast as they needed to be given the carafes, and at last call they were kind enough to bring us three more carafes and three Bloody Marys – not stingy folk.


I really enjoyed Oola – the ambiance was a little weird (but in a fun way), the food was excellent and the drinks were diverse and plentiful. Not much more that I can ask for from a bottomless brunch.

The Rating: 🍾🍾🍾🍾

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