I’m afraid I must start this one on an unfortunate note – Nick’s Crispy Tacos (which is what I’ll call the combined entity of Nick’s and Rouge from here on out for simplicity’s sake) no longer has bottomless mimosas. The good news is they have carafes that are plenty cheap and tacos at reasonable prices, so you won’t have to break the bank to get in some solid hours of brunch.

For those who are unfamiliar with this legendary San Francisco establishment, Nick’s is on the corner of Broadway and Polk in Nob Hill. It’s dimly lit with big chandeliers and a lot of red velvet – a sort of self-aware kitschy vibe. Rouge is the name of the bar/club where you get your drinks, and Nick’s is a counter inside that makes food. For whatever reason, nobody ever calls it Rouge; it’s just known as Nick’s.

The Bottomless

No bottomless, but for $10 you can get a carafe of mimosas that’ll get you a solid five mimosas. The ratio is great – a bottle of champagne in each with a little OJ on top. There are also a number of other brunch specials on margaritas, micheladas and Bloody Marys if you want to mix it up.

The Food

Nick’s Crispy Tacos are well known because they’re some of the best in SF. Not really authentic, but the texture of the tacos and the quality of the ingredients make for great food. You’ll want to order your tacos Nick’s Way, which means made crispy (a hard shell taco wrapped in a soft shell taco) and with guacamole. I love the fried fish and fried chicken tacos, but they’re all great.

The Service

The folks at Nick’s are always nice, and the bartender was great for brunch. At one point he poured us a carafe, let us try it and asked if it was too light on the champagne – we weren’t going to say no to that, so he poured more into it and gave it back.


Nick’s Crispy Tacos are as good for brunch as they are for any other meal of the day, and cheap drinks and good service make this a nice place to have brunch. It’s definitely not your usual brunch spot, though, so keep it for a casual brunch with friends – nothing classy here.

Rating: 🍾🍾🍾

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