I was in Austin, Texas this weekend for a birthday party. I’m a huge fan of the city – great weather (it did crack 100 this weekend, but it’s a dry heat, which is fine by this born and raised LA native), friendly people, excellent food and reasonable prices on everything. Unfortunately, I learned something devastating this weekend – Austin doesn’t really do bottomless brunch.

There’s plenty of brunch, of course, but in lieu of bottomless they offer cheap mimosa deals. You can find them for $1/$2/$3 a pop at lot of popular brunch spots, and while I recognize that at $1 per mimosa is effectively the same as bottomless, there’s an intangible, dare I say spiritual difference that I just can’t get behind.

Anyway, that revelation aside, it was an excellent trip, and I even learned about a new brunch food – the kolache. My host took me to the rather uncreatively named Kolache Factory, which basically looked like a bagel store but with vaguely Asian-looking uniforms for the staff. Unlike the decor, however, the food was fantastic.

In doing a pretty minimal amount of research about this topic, I’ve discovered that there are lots of discrepancies around kolaches. First of all, spelling – kolache vs. kolachi – along with pluralization – some places say kolach is singular and kolache is plural, others go kolache/kolaches. Most agree that it’s a Czech pastry, but the style apparently differs, with some that are more like tarts with an open top and berry filling.

What I had, though, was basically just eggs, cheese and sausage wrapped in dough and rounded into a ball (think mini, spherical calzone). It was, as you can imagine, delicious. In addition to the breakfast varieties you’d expect, there were also pizza-esque flavors like cheese/pepperoni.

I don’t really have anything deep or insightful to say about kolaches, their history or their place in the overall world of breakfast foods. This post is merely to say that if you have the option, you should go try a kolache some time.

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