Update: As of September 2017, Harry’s no longer serves bottomless mimosas, and their menu has been reduced in scope (no more fried deviled eggs). It’s still a good place to go for games, but its rating has been reduced accordingly.
Harry’s Bar is a sports bar in Pac Heights with an old style that involves lots of wood and leather stools. It’s an upscale place with great food and good service, but it can be crowded if there’s a big game on during brunch time, so get your reservation in early. 
The Bottomless
$16 with purchase of food for 90 minutes, which they didn’t enforce at all. Mimosas and bellinis by the carafe, with a good ratio of champagne to juice. They’ve also got some great Bloodys, but those aren’t included in the bottomless. 
Harry’s is also just generally a high quality bar, so if you want to forsake bottomless (shame!) or hang around after brunch to keep watching games, you won’t be disappointed by the drinks.
The Food
Roughly what you’d expect at a sports bar, but nicer and surprisingly inexpensive for the quality with most entrees coming in at $10-12. If you like deviled eggs, start with the fried ones – your usual deviled eggs lightly battered and deep fried. The avocado toast was simple but good to share as well. Their wings are worth ordering as well – get a dozen; it’s barely more than ordering six.
I went with the chilaquiles, which were excellent, smothered with cheese and sauce and accompanied by sides of eggs and beans. The breakfast burrito was also solid, as was the fried egg sandwich.
The Service
The service was excellent, with a couple of waitresses always nearby to swap out empty carafes. It may have helped that they seated us at a table right by the service station at the bar, but if so good for them for great foresight. Food came quickly and the staff was clearly used to rowdy brunches – this is the advantage of doing brunch at a sports bar.
Harry’s is a great place to go watch a game, but even independent of that it’s got a great brunch with quality service. 
Rating: 🍾🍾🍾
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