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There are four Fresca locations in San Francisco – we visited Fresca Fillmore in Pac Heights. The cuisine is Peruvian, which is a nice change of pace from the usual brunch foods. We didn’t have a reservation but were nonetheless seated immediately, as the restaurant was a bit less than half full. A few folks trickled in as we were there, but generally if you want to have bottomless brunch with a large group and didn’t have the foresight to make a reservation, Fresca may be a good option.
The Bottomless
$14 for two hours. Just traditional mimosas with no carafes. Because the restaurant wasn’t particularly full, it wasn’t tough to get refills. We didn’t test whether the cutoff was strict, since we had to head out to a friend’s house before our two hours were up. The staff didn’t strike me as the type that would enforce a hard cutoff, but I can’t say for sure.
The Food
As with most ethic places serving brunch, Fresca brunch consisted of a combination of a few styles of food. There’s traditional brunch – buttermilk pancakes and eggs benedict – as well as Peruvian/brunch fusion (which is about a San Francisco of a cuisine style as I can imagine). They’ve got adobos rancheros (friend eggs over pork, beans and rice with tortillas – delicious and highly recommended) and the locro omelette (with squash stew, quinoa, peas and a few other things – no one was brave enough to try this).
There’s also traditional Peruvian lunch dishes, which are generally very hearty and meat-heavy. On the lighter lunch side, there’s the avocado crabwich and the grilled chicken pesto sandwich.
The Service
Good, but nothing extraordinary. Mimosa refills came reasonably quickly, but otherwise nothing really stood out here.
Fresca Fillmore is fine – the best thing about it from a bottomless brunch perspective is really that you can come in with a large group last minute and get a table without a two hour wait. Some of the Peruvian food is great, but it’s a little heavy and probably better for dinner.
Rating: 🍾🍾🍾
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