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Dr. Teeth SF is one of the Mission’s most popular bars – whatever night of the week you go, you’ll find it crowded. Those of us at Brunch Club are also big fans of their bottomless mimosa brunch (especially when it’s a nice day to sit on their patio), so naturally we had to go give their Wing Wednesday a try.

We got there at 6pm, and it was packed – shoulder to shoulder both inside and out on the patio. There were no tables free; we were lucky to find two barstools near the front window and a small space to set down our wings.

The Bar

There’s a fair bit of space at Dr. Teeth SF – the bar inside is fairly large, with a couple of big tables, more than a dozen bar seats and a few highball tables, along with a shuffleboard table (where they were letting people set wings and beers on, which made me die a little inside). Outside is a large patio with several levels, a half dozen picnic tables and cornhole at the very top. Still, almost every seat in the house was taken and plenty of folks were standing. There are a few TVs inside showing whatever the game du jour is.

The Wings

Dr. Teeth SF has wings in three flavors – buffalo, sweet chili habanero and BBQ – and no matter what you order, they come out drenched in sauce. The wings themselves were nicely tender, but the sauces were generally not good, unfortunately.

  • Buffalo – These had the right amount of spice, but they were also kind of bitter, instead of the usual hint of sweetness you get with buffalo sauce. Didn’t enjoy them at all.
  • Sweet chili habanero – These were actually my favorite wings; less spicy than the buffalo but they had a decent sweetness to them that wasn’t overwhelming and lacked the bitterness of the buffalo wings.
  • BBQ – These didn’t suffer from the usual BBQ wing problem of too much sweetness, but they had the same bitter taste as the buffalo.

The Service

You order from the bar, and they give you a number to take to your table (or sliver of bar). Wings come out reasonably quickly, especially given the number they’re preparing. Beyond the speed, though, the service isn’t great. First off, nobody really seems to be cleaning up – the place where we sat had trash and dirty dishes when we grabbed it, and they were still there when we left. Second, they served us a single cup of ranch with the 45 wings we ordered, and when we asked one of the wait staff for me, she told us we had to pay for it and thus needed to go order at the bar. Charging 50 cents for extra ranch is pretty standard, but if you’re going to charge for it, you need to give a reasonable amount for the size of each wing order.


We were all pretty disappointed by Dr. Teeth SF – with a crowded bar, dubious service and subpar wings, there’s not a lot to rave about. If you have to be down in the Mission, it might be worth visiting, but otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

Rating: 🍗🍗

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