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The saddest thing about brunch is that it must inevitably end (and I don’t mean in spirit… even the most liberal of brunch places cut off the bottomless around 3pm). That means that you’re now into the mid afternoon with a nice buzz a full stomach, but what are you to do?

Luckily, San Francisco has plenty of options to keep that buzz going through the day and keep having a great time.

Dolores Park
If it’s nice outside, definitely head for your closest park, and if your closest park isn’t Dolo, head there instead. Try to make sure you all end up in the same place, as we’ve all spent 20 minutes getting bad directions to that spot “near the bathroom… like by that one tree” from our drink friend who’s got spotty cell reception.

Once you get there, remember that drugs and alcohol are illegal in the park. Obviously light up and drink your case of Bud Light anyway (this is not legal advice, or at least not good legal advice), but do it while appreciating that the police aren’t interested in writing you a ticket unless you’re belligerent. When you’re done, use your appreciation to pick up your stuff so you don’t leave the place covered in trash and ruin the lax enforcement of open container laws for everyone.

About 75% of the time on a Saturday during the post-brunch hours, you’re going to find yours truly at Encore, a karaoke bar on California in Nob Hill. When you get to the right address and see a flower shop instead of a bar, fear not, you’re not so drunk you’re hallucinating (I mean, probably) – take the stairs on the left up to the actual bar, which is on the second floor.

Encore’s a good choice because karaoke starts at 5 and you’ll have the place to yourself to really embarrass yourself before people start crowding in (or at least that’s my strategy… I guess posting this publicly probably doesn’t help that). If you can’t wait until 5, the Mint in the Castro has ‘oke all day.

Just remember, if you’re terrible at singing go with 90s punk that will evoke nostalgia – a little Blink 182 always gets the crowd behind you.

Shabu Shabu
At some point I’m going to start a site dedicated to shabu shabu, because it’s basically the bottomless mimosa brunch of dinner (trust me, that sentence makes sense). Shabu shabu is a form of Japanese dining in which you’re given a plate of raw meat and a large bowl of boiling broth. You dip your meat in the broth (you should actually swish it around – shabu shabu means “swish swish in Japanese”) until it’s cooked, then you eat it.

You’re probably confused with what that has to do with bottomless brunch. While the delicious meats cooked in a salty broth could stand alone, the best thing about shabu shabu is that most establishments have a reasonable deal for all you can eat and all you can drink. That makes it the perfect option for the bottomless double-header, which you of course shouldn’t attempt unless you’re a professional.

Almost universally, the bottomless at any shabu shabu place will offer sake (the cheapest and lowest end they can find, but you’re not picky) and a light Japanese beer like Sapporo or Asahi. This will inevitably leads to sake bombs, which you need not be shy about because trust me, the restaurant staff has heard more white people chanting “ichi ni san sake bomb” than you can shake a stick at, though probably don’t shake sticks at drunks.

A couple of shabu places I can recommend are Mum’s┬áin Japantown and Happy Shabu Shabu in Hayes Valley. Both do bottomless – if you’re going to try another one, call in and check first (and if it’s good, let me know about it).

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