Dobbs Ferry is the worst. Their staff was unpleasant and clearly unhappy that people had actually come in to drink the bottomless mimosas on their menu. Their food was nothing special, but on treatment alone I’ll never return.

The Bottomless

$15 for bottomless mimosas with a very strict 90 minute cutoff. No carafes. Mimosas were OJ-heavy.

The look of judgement you get when you order the bottomless comes for free, though, so there’s that.

The Food

Decent breakfast fare – the french toast in particular was good if you’ve got a sweet tooth. The chicken and bacon waffle benedict sounds good, but the aggressive coating of gravy just kind of turned everything to mush. If you ordered that on the side, it might be a really good dish.

They also have burgers. Nothing special there, but they’re good enough if that’s what you’re in the mood for.

The Service

Dobbs Ferry sets itself apart here in the worst possible way. The waitress was very slow on both food and drinks but happy to immediately cut us off once we were there for 90 minutes. At one point she snidely commented on the fact that some of us had already had four mimosas. That was towards the end of the brunch, and I’m surprised we managed to get that many.


A lesson for restaurateurs – don’t offer promotions that your staff will judge customers for taking advantage of. Nobody wins there. Never, ever go here for brunch (or anything else I assume, but I’ll never find out).

Rating: One glass of orange juice with no champagne, because that’s what you’d have to order here to get treated like you aren’t a dirtbag.

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