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Corridor very recently launched their bottomless brunch, so naturally Brunch Club had to go pay them a visit. You’ll find Corridor on Van Ness in the Civic Center, a couple of blocks from City Hall. Downstairs feels like a cafe, with a bar and counter where you can order coffee and pastries. If you’re there for brunch, though, they’ll send you upstairs to the restaurant area, which is a bit dark compared to the light, airy downstairs. It’s relatively small, with about fifteen tables and a small counter space.

The Bottomless

$20 for two hours. No carafes, and unfortunately the refills don’t come especially quickly, since they have to be made at the bar downstairs and brought up. The ratio wasn’t great – definitely OJ heavy. If you look at the mimosa section of their menu, you’ll note that they have a few interesting varieties, but only the standard mimosa is available with bottomless.

The Food

We started off with a plate of a half dozen raw oysters, which were excellent and well presented, and their monkey bread. If you’re unfamiliar, monkey bread is basically bread with cheese and spices baked into it that’s designed to be torn into pieces and eaten. Theirs had good flavor, but it was definitely on the dry side.

For entrees, my companions got the fried chicken sandwich, breakfast sandwich and shrimp roll, all of which received quite positive reviews. I liked the sound of the butter fried pancake (it’s Fourth of July weekend, after all, and as breakfast dishes go a fried pancake sounds pretty American to me). It was, unfortunately, terrible – easily the worst brunch dish I’ve had in San Francisco. It was basically a loaf of bread designed to be slathered in butter and syrup, but even those couldn’t save it. It was dry, thick and generally unpleasant.

corridor fried pancake
Not good.

The Service

The bartender up front was helpful in checking me in for my reservation and sending me upstairs, and the service after that was fine. There was only one waitress, but it wasn’t especially busy, so she was able to keep tabs on us.

There was, however, one big problem – we finished eating after having been there maybe an hour and a half (and I’ll remind you here that bottomless is offered for two hours), and our waitress dropped off the check. We paid it, because there wasn’t really a reason not to, and when she brought it back, we asked for another round of mimosas. She said no – apparently they won’t continue to serve mimosas once you’re done eating. Our appeals to rationality and good service went unheeded, so we went on our way.


Corridor has some work to do on their bottomless brunch. They’ve got a nice space and some good dishes, but they need to take the awful fried pancake off the menu and then take a staff trip to Bisou or District to learn how to properly serve bottomless mimosas. Until then, I can’t recommend Corridor brunch.

Rating: 🍾🍾

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