Colibri is a traditional Mexican restaurant located a couple of blocks from Union Square in Lower Nob Hill on Geary between Mason and Taylor. The food is all very fresh, and they’ve got the touches you want to see from a Mexican restaurant, like hand made tortillas.

It was pretty crowded – definitely make a reservation. We had one, but they put us at a table that was a bit small for the size of our party and all the way back by the kitchen. It got a bit hot and we were constantly watching the waiters run past us – less than ideal.

The Bottomless
$15 for bottomless with no time limit. No carafes, and the refill speed left something to be desired. They were also too heavy on the juice, so after a few rounds the acidity of that really started to make them less pleasant.

The Food
The food was definitely the highlight of our experience at Colibri brunch. They opened with three kinds of salsa and chips, and we added guacamole as well. All were clearly made fresh in the restaurant, and the salsas had a good range of flavor, from a more traditional spicy to a sweet mango.

They’ve got a lot of traditional Mexican breakfast and lunch dishes, and all of them are well executed. I had the huevos rancheros, which were made very much by the book but done nicely and a good sized portion. Others had the chile relleno and the chilaquiles, and both dishes got rave reviews.

The Service
We started off by being sequestered a table that we really had to squeeze into all the way in the back, then it took quite a while for a waiter to get to us. After we ordered mimosas, we generally had to flag the waiter down any time we wanted a refill. Despite being right near the kitchen and constantly having the rest of the wait staff walk by us, our waiter was tough to find.

The Mexican food is definitely good, but if you’re looking for a fun brunch experience and you have your heart set on Mexican, skip Colibri and head over to Don Pistos.

Rating: 🍾🍾

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