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Remember how I said that Brunch Club is destined to be an international brand? Well, the truth is I’ve already started down that road. Earlier this year, a friend pointed out that there were super cheap round trip tickets to Dublin for the weekend of St. Paddy’s Day (note: don’t say “Patty” in Dublin, they do not appreciate that), so off Brunch Club went. We were pleased to find that Dubliners are no strangers to bottomless brunch, so we picked the most central one we could find – Cleaver East brunch in Temple Bar. It didn’t hurt that they have a section called Cleaver East Brunch Club on their website (even if it’s just a picture of a guy pouring mimosas).

It was the day after St. Paddy’s Day, so we were in… questionable shape (note: cab/Uber drivers love having a good chuckle at hung over American tourists, but who can blame them). Still, we soldiered on so as to get some hair of the dog in us, and we found ourselves in a large restaurant with hundreds of meat cleavers covering the large windows and lots of signs that embraced the hashtag (#Cleavereastbrunch and their #Pornburger are both apparently popular). The playlist was basically the best of American 90’s pop, which we found quite hospitable.

The Bottomless

16 Euros (so $19ish) for bottomless mimosas and bellinis. The ratio wasn’t great – very juice heavy – and we didn’t get any carafes, so service could be a bit slow. There was no time limit I was aware of, and the restaurant had plenty of space, so I don’t think they’d rush anyone out.

The Food

The Cleaver East brunch menu is quite good and runs the gamut from the traditional Irish breakfast to a jerk chicken quesadilla. We’d all had Irish breakfasts at local pubs at this point, so we went for some of the other items. The mac and cheese ball was rich, with the pesto mayo giving it some interesting flavor. The chicken and waffles were fine, but certainly nothing to write home about. The chicken tikka poppadom nachos were a highlight – their curry mayo worked really well with the chips.

The Service

The service at Cleaver East was good, though the bottomless refills could’ve come faster. Still, the waiter inquired with concern at the end of the meal when half of us had barely finished our food, but we assured him it was because of the dubious shape we were in.


Pretty good food and a decent bottomless offering. I don’t have a lot to compare it to in terms of the overall Dublin brunch scene, but I’ll add another review or two next time I make it out there.

Rating: 🍾🍾🍾


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