If you’re familiar with our criteria for what makes the best brunches in San Francisco, you know that in my book bottomless mimosas are just a starting point. The best brunch places mix it up – bottomless Bloody Marys, bellinis and whatever you call champagne mixed with grapefruit, pineapple juice and all of the other fruit juices out there. So here’s the question of the day for all you Brunch Club fans out there – what’s your best mimosa recipe?The great thing about mimosas is that you can get drunk on them before noon and still look classy, but there are a few mimosa variants out there that can:

  • Get you drunker
  • Look classier
  • Both

Here’s my recommendations – let me know yours:

French 75
Doesn’t that name just exude class? Even your mom would have these at Easter brunch without asking questions. Of course, once she put back a couple she’d realize she’s hammered because it’s basically just hard liquor and champagne with a little juice.

The recipe’s simple – you’re going to need a shot of gin or Cognac, a couple of shots of champagne, a little bit of simple syrup and lemon juice. Shake in a cocktail shaker with ice (or just pour in a pint glass with ice and stir if you’re not classy enough to have a cocktail shaker), then pour into a champagne glass sans ice. Now pretend you’re having a picnic under the Eiffel tower and get hammered like the French do. Voila.

Champagne With Fruit
Tired of diluting your champagne with all those unnecessary juices? Here’s a simple mimosa recipe: pour a glass of champagne and drop in a strawberry/blueberry/raspberry. Now you’ve gone from early morning alcoholic to classy bro(ad). You’re welcome.

Tequila Sunrise
“You’re going off the rails, guy from the internet who writes about brunch! There’s no way you can justify drinking tequila before noon!” Wrong. This is why I write about drinking in the morning and you just read about it. For those of you unfamiliar, a tequila sunrise is made by pouring a shot (or two – definitely two) of tequila into a glass, topping off with orange juice and then floating a little grenadine on the top so it looks pretty.

Here’s the secret: just do that in a mimosa glass and it’s so classy looking people won’t even question it. If they do, just call it a sunrise mimosa or something. Then find people who don’t question your classy drinks and hang out with them instead.

Bonus Idea: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shot
I’ll admit I stole this idea from Stock In Trade, so if you like it go get brunch there. This is just half Fireball and half Bailey’s. It’s delicious.

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