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You’ll find Blackwood SF deep in the heart of brunch country – the Marina. It’s a small place that shares ownership with Kitchen Story and Sweet Maple, so it’s got quite the brunch pedigree and also, more importantly, their famous Millionaire’s Bacon.

The one really unfortunate thing about Blackwood is that it doesn’t offer reservations for brunch. I don’t really get why a restaurant would cease using a perfectly good reservation system that’s in place for every other meal solely for brunch, but I guess that’s why I’m just a reviewer of brunches. In any case, because I care about you, loyal reader, I got there a bit early, put down my name and waited.

I should add that we had a group of six people, so not exactly an overwhelming number. Still, I got to the restaurant at about 1:40, and by the time we were seated it was 3:05. This was doubly problematic since their bottomless has a two hour limit but ends at 4. So yeah, despite a number of positives, I can’t recommend this place if you have more than four people (and even then be prepared to wait).

The Bottomless

$20 for two hours, assuming you’re seated before 2. Includes raspberry and regular mimosas, with a good champagne/juice ratio for both. No carafes, but they were pretty good about refilling us quickly. Also, the waiter told us that if the whole table got mimosas, he’d bring us some special drinks. Didn’t catch what they were, but at least they were pretty.

blackwood sf

The Food

Blackwood SF calls itself Thai, but it uses that term pretty broadly. The best thing on their menu was the Iron Pot, which is basically just bibimbap (Korean, for those keeping track). They also have a bunch of traditional breakfast dishes like pancakes, benedicts, omelettes and scrambles. Hit the lunch portion of the menu and you’ll find the Thai piece – just your usual pad thais and curries. I went with the Iron Pot, which was excellent – if you’re not familiar, it’s a big hot pot of rice, vegetables and meat with a fried egg on top. Came out piping hot and fresh, and the spicy sauce on the side was just right.

We didn’t have the Millionaire’s bacon, having eaten it at Sweet Maple in the past, but if you’ve never had it and you’re at Blackwood brunch, definitely order a side of it.

The Service

Outside of the very long wait, the service was good – the staff was very attentive and pleasant, and they made sure to bring us refills quickly. They did cut us off promptly at 4 so they could close the restaurant up, so definitely make sure you get there earlier to avoid the same fate.


If you’re just a couple of people looking for brunch, and you have a willingness to wait, Blackwood offers a good, solid brunch. That said, if your group is any more than four, there’s just no reason to ever choose Blackwood over the dozens of other brunch restaurants that take reservations.

Rating: 🍾🍾🍾

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