You’ll find Bisou SF in the Castro on Market between 16th and 17th. It’s a medium-sized location with tables upstairs and downstairs, but you should try to get one downstairs, as the upstairs has low ceilings that can make it a bit claustrophobic. There’s nothing especially exciting about the decor, but it’s clean, modern and well-lit. While you’re waiting for a table, they’ll be happy to get you set up with bottomless until they can seat you.

The Drinks

$20 for bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys. You can switch between the two, and they bring out carafes of mimosas. No time limit.

Bisou takes a great approach to making mimosas – they pop the top off a bottle of champagne, pour a little OJ and put the bottle on your table. Saves them the effort of pouring mimosas into a carafe, spares the environment the water that would be used to wash that carafe and gives the customer a mimosa that is the exact correct ratio.

The Food

Very solid brunch fare here – benedicts, omelettes, sandwiches and a burger. We tried a wide sampling of things, and everything was excellent and good sized. The one standout was the bacon wrapped grilled cheese. We all wanted to try it, but none of us could bring ourselves to order it for our own meal, so we got one and cut it into pieces as an appetizer – I highly recommend that approach, as it’s absolutely fantastic but definitely too rich for a regular meal.

The Service

The staff here is fantastic. We never got anywhere close to running out of mimosas, and our waiter was generally attentive about everything else as well. Beyond that, he found our debauchery amusing, made some jokes at our expense (all in good fun) and was happy to take the picture of our first ever brunch club.


If you can only go to one bottomless brunch in San Francisco, go to Bisou. Everything about it makes a fantastic place to get together with friends and drink a little too much champagne at noon.

Rating: 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾

Alex Willen

The author Alex Willen