The Best Brunch in San Francisco

San Francisco brunch can be overwhelming, but that’s what Brunch Club is here for – to help get you to the best brunch in San Francisco. Of course, what it is to be the best brunch is subjective, so I’m going to give you a few bests to make sure that you end up at the one that’s perfect for you. With no further adieu:

The Best Brunch for a Sunny Day

To be clear, I’m talking about an actual warm, sunny day – not one of those ones where it’s 62 and partially sunny but you want to be outside so badly you convince yourself it’s shorts weather. When it’s 70 and there isn’t a cloud in the sky, there is literally no better activity than bottomless brunch. Naturally, though, you aren’t going to want to spend brunch inside, so you’ll need somewhere with a patio. As with all brunches, you’re going to want some good food and drinks as well.

That brings us to the clear winner – Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. They’ve got a fantastic back patio that has a cornhole set and get some great sun, plus their bottomless mimosa service is great, as is their food.

Honorable mention goes to Beach Chalet, for its sweeping views of Ocean Beach (and proximity to it, so you can run across the street and into the water as soon as you’re done). Also notable is former best sunny day brunch Mission Rock, but since they stopped serving bottomless mimosas they just don’t qualify for the top spot.

The Best Non-Traditional Brunch

When I say non-traditional, I mean a brunch that’s not just eggs benedict, pancakes and mimosas (not that I don’t love all of those things). SF has an incredible diversity of food, and with every restaurant in the city trying to break into the brunch game, that gives you lots of options.

Our winner here is The Pub at Ghiradelli Square. It’s a BBQ place with some really fantastic brisket and ribs (and everything else on the menu). They’ve got traditional brunch dishes, but you should skip those in favor of a hearty combo platter of delicious meats. Not the usual accompaniment to bottomless mimosas, but a great change of pace.

The runner up here is Don Pistos, which does Mexican brunch and has a nice variety of bottomless, with agua fresca mimosas, sangria and margaritas. If you’re looking for something different with a great variety of drinks, it’s a solid option.

The Best Sports Bar Brunch

When it’s football season, you should never be faced with the prospect of choosing between watching the games and eating brunch, which is why you’re lucky that there are plenty of sports bars in San Francisco that also serve bottomless.

The best of them lies deep in the heart of the Marina: Stock in Trade. It’s a classic, with cornhole and bocce alongside arcade games (including a beer pong one) and lots of TVs. They have breakfast shots in addition to their bottomless, and the food is really good – much better than what you’d expect at a sports bar.

The runner up is Hollow Cow. They’ve got a nice large covered patio with plenty of TVs, they just bring you the bottle of champagne with a side of OJ when you order mimosas, and as with Stock in Trade the food is surprisingly good.

The Best Bottomless

This one goes to the standout restaurant when it comes to their execution of bottomless drinks. Note that I don’t say bottomless mimosas, because the winner here is going to give you a nice diversity of choice. Everything counts here, from the range of beverages, ratio of champagne to juice in mimosas, and quality of service.

The winner here is one of my favorite brunches – The Pink Elephant Alibi. They’ve got something like 30 juices in a DIY bottomless setup, so you can make that aloe vera mimosa (yes that’s a real thing that they have) just to your liking. Doesn’t hurt that they have a really fun environment and solid food.

There’s runner up is another excellent brunch spot – District. They offer five different kinds of mimosas, served in carafes that never seem to empty out because the wait staff is so on top of their game, along with Bloody Marys. If you get Bloody Marys, the waitress brings you a pint glass with a very healthy pour of vodka, then you get the construct the rest from a nice variety of mixes and garnishes. There’s no time limit, and everyone there is delightful and amused by rowdy brunchers.

The Best Brunch in San Francisco

This is it. The moment you’ve all been waiting for – the best brunch in San Francisco. Drumroll please…

It’s Bisou. Everything they do is great, from the food (get the bacon wrapped grilled cheese) to the bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys to the service. Every time I go here for brunch we end up having a great time with other brunches next to us – somehow they’ve captured the essence of brunch, which is fun. If you can only go to one bottomless brunch in San Francisco, go to Bisou.

The runner up goes to Top of the Mark, which is the best brunch in SF if you ignore price. Since it comes in at three to four times the cost of all the other brunches out there, it’s tough to give it the unequivocal number one spot. Still, if you’re looking for a classy Sunday brunch for a special occasion and you’re willing to spend some money, you can’t go wrong with Top of the Mark.