Beach Chalet is in Golden Gate Park right across from Ocean Beach – don’t confuse it with Park Chalet, which is in the same building but operated separately. To get to Beach Chalet, go inside and immediately take the stairs to your right. You’ll know you’re in the right place by the sweeping views of the water.
I should say up front that in a first for this site, Beach Chalet doesn’t have any kind of bottomless beverages. If you want to turn away now and look for another (if you want to look at out the water while you drink bottomless, head to Mission Rock instead). I discovered it after 
The Bottomless
None 🙁
I recommend their beer sampler set – it’s eight 4 ounce pours for $13.99, so you get a solid quantity of a nice variety of beers for a reasonable price. They’ve also got a Hangar 1 Bloody Mary that’s excellent if you enjoy that sort of thing, but it’s not cheap at $13.
The Food
Top notch. We started with some poke and calamari, and the fish was definitely fresh. After that, I had the corned beef hash, which was delicious and extremely filling. We closed with the beignets, which were warm, fresh and served with an “Espresso-Baileys Crème Anglaise + Mixed Berry Compote Dipping Sauces,” which translates to a creamy espresso/Bailey’s sauce and some good fruit sauces.
The Service
Less to judge here, since speed of refills was obviously less critical, but the staff was very friendly and the food and drinks came quickly.
A great spot for a brunch date or to impress someone from out of town – get a table by the window if you can. They’re also a brewery (isn’t everywhere in SF?), so the beer sampler is a great choice. Beyond that, get some seafood, close with beignets, and you’ll have a great time.
Rating: 🍾🍾🍾
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