Balancoire Lounge is in the Mission, and while its food is just not good, brunches their often come with live entertainment that’s definitely worth the trip at least once once. When we visited this included a drag queen hosting a show that included a former San Francisco Mr. Leather on the electric violin (and damn was he good), several singers and a few other acts. In case you haven’t put it together yet, Balancoire Lounge a gay bar, but as brunch is the universal meal, everyone should feel welcome. Balancoire drag brunch is something anyone in SF should experience.

The show has changed a bit since we went – they now have the Femme Fatale Sunday Brunch, featuring a rotating cast of performers. They describe it as “a sultry drag brunch revue to suit any appetite, served with bottomless mimosas and a touch of glamour,” which sounds about right to me. It now has a $30 admission for the show, but that includes a brunch buffet. Bottomless mimosas are available at an additional cost.

Also, in case you’re wondering, it’s pronounced Balan-SWA.

The Bottomless
For $15, you get bottomless mimosas – just one flavor and no carafes, but refills come quickly. No time limit on these ones.

The Food
With the caveat that I haven’t tried their current brunch buffet, I will say the food that we had when we went was not good. The vast majority of it was clearly just frozen food that they were heating up in the back – there were even several boxes of frozen mozzarella sticks being unloaded at the bar while we ate. The offerings here are all the lowest common denominator of bar food, so don’t come here with high expectations for the cuisine.

The Service
Service was great, with refills coming quickly. Everyone was incredibly friendly and clearly having a great time. Be forewarned that there is some expectation that you’ll tip the performers, though there wasn’t a ton of pressure in that regard.

Nothing in terms of the actual brunch here stood out, and the food was way below average. Nonetheless, Balancoire drag brunch was entertaining, and we all had a great time. Definitely worth going to once.

Rating: 🍾🍾🍾

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