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Hello Brunch Clubbers! I hope you’re all staying safe and making yourself some mimosas at home on Saturdays. Fun fact: visits to our page on DIY Bottomless Brunch have surged in the last few months. We’re glad we can be a brunch resource to the community in these uncertain times.

Anyway, in case you’re wondering where I’ve been, the answer is I moved to San Diego and thus don’t get many chances to brunch in SF these days – thus the lack of new reviews. 

Now that I’m down here, I’m working on a new, non-brunch endeavor: Cooper’s Treats! We make the best easy homemade frozen dog treats – all you have to do is mix with water, pour into our adorable paw- and bone-shaped ice cube molds and freeze for a couple of hours. They’re made right here in San Diego with high quality ingredients, and dogs love them. 

So if Brunch Club has helped you pick the perfect brunch spot (or if we’ve helped you avoid a bad one), I’d be eternally grateful if you’d head on over to our website and take a gander. If you have dogs, maybe give our Pupsicles a try. If you know someone who has dogs, let them know this guy on the internet who reviews brunch places is making dog treats now. If you just like looking at pictures of dogs, check us out on Instagram – our account is like 80% pictures and videos of my dogs, who are very good dogs and incredibly good looking. You can also like us on Facebook if that’s your thing. So many social media options!

Thanks for indulging me here, folks. Hopefully soon we’ll be back to a world in which I can start SD Brunch Club. Until then, stay safe out there!

Brunchmaster Flex

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