1300 on Fillmore is best known for its gospel brunch, which also happens to offer bottomless bellinis. You’ll find it in Western Addition on the corner of Fillmore (obviously) and Eddy. The decor is exceedingly bland – the place feels like a large hotel conference room that happened to have some tables and chairs set up in it.

Bottomless brunch is available Saturday and Sunday, but the gospel singer is only there on Sundays. I’ve been both days, and while it’s really crowded on Sunday, it’s basically empty Saturday. Note that it’s just one singer, so don’t come expecting a full gospel choir. Still, he was great, and it’s a unique taste of a Southern tradition that you can find in San Francisco, so it’s certainly worth going once.

The Bottomless

This one’s technically just a bottomless bellini brunch – no orange juice here. $15 (and on Sunday there’s also a $6 live music charge whether you’re drinking or not). They’re pretty good on the ratio of champagne to peach. They don’t come in carafes, but you’ll find yourself wishing they did.

Unfortunately of the two times I’ve been here, during one of them, they ran out of bellinis. More specifically, they ran out of peach schnapps. The waiter should’ve offered to bring me straight champagne, but he didn’t. I was on a date and had already had three or four, so I felt like I probably shouldn’t argue the point too aggressively – still, awful form by the restaurant.

The Food

Get the beignets. Definitely the best one’s I’ve had in SF. The menu is Southern, and while it’s not the actual South, it’s some of the closest food you’ll find out here.

The 1300 on Fillmore is a simple scrambled egg and grits dish, but there’s a reason they put their name on it. The chicken and waffles were adequate but not extraordinary, but the french toast was fantastic if you want something sweet to start your day.

The Service

Slow. If you see the waiter coming, down your bellini and get a refill, because you never know when he’s going to be back. Even on Saturday when it’s wasn’t especially crowded, the service wasn’t particularly quick and after a couple of hours the waiter just stopped coming to refill our bellinis.


There’s really nothing that stands out here except the gospel brunch. You should try that once, but since this is an otherwise unremarkable brunch spot that actually ran out of bellinis during a bottomless bellini brunch, I can’t in good conscience recommend it otherwise.

Rating: 🍾🍾

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