Plow SF

Plow SF is one of the city’s best-known brunches, and as with many of those well-known brunches, it doesn’t take reservations. That means that you should expect a wait, because it’s popular and not a particularly big space. You’ll find Plow SF in Potrero Hill at 18th and Texas.

We arrived there at 9am on a Friday, and the wait ended up being about 30 minutes for two of us. That’s pretty good – if you get unlucky or you decide to sleep in, you can certainly end up waiting over an hour.

The restaurant is nice – it’s a little tight inside, but not too bad, and there are outdoor tables as well (you can give your preference for indoor/outdoor when you give your name).

The Food

Plow SF is known for its lemon ricotta pancakes, so we naturally had to try those. On top of the pancakes, we also ordered a biscuit and a prosciutto and gruyere toast.

The biscuit came out first, and it was perfection – flaky and butter with a crisp crust on the outside. It’s served with honey butter, which is definitely worth slathering on.

The lemon ricotta pancakes were actually a bit too lemony for my taste. Their texture was perfect, though – nice and fluffy – and if you like a nice lemony flavor, you’ll love them. The prosciutto and gruyere toast, on the other hand, was amazing. The toast was thick and just a little sweet, and the cheese, meat and fried egg on top went together perfectly. It was just the right amount of food to be incredibly satisfying but not too much.

The Service

All of the staff was great, and the food came out quickly. Our waitress even knew the brand of hot sauce they serve (it’s Youk’s, and I recommend it). Most importantly, I never got close to running out of coffee.

The Ambience

It’s a small restaurant, but the outside tables are especially nice if it’s a beautiful day. Personally, though, I’d always take whatever table comes first, inside or outside, just to minimize the wait. The inside is a bit crowded, but the noise level isn’t so high that you can’t have a good conversation. There are huge windows all along the wall, so it’s a nice, light environment to start your day.


I can understand why people love Plow SF – even if I didn’t love their signature ricotta pancakes, everything else was delicious. It’s a great brunch in a nice environment, just be prepared to wait for it.

Rating: 🍳🍳🍳🍳

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