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New Brunch Alert: Corridor


As a good brunch professional (and I mean that literally… to date I’ve made over three dollars from Google ads on this site), I keep my eyes peeled for any and all new brunch-related news. My network of brunch enthusiasts out on the street keeps me updated on the brunch rumors and gossip around town, but sometimes there’s nothing like Google to keep tabs on things for me.

Sure enough, this weekend I had a hit on my Google alert for “San Francisco Brunch” that led me to this 7×7 article about a newly announced brunch from Corridor. I’ve never been, but it’s got a solid pedigree, as it’s owned by the same group that owns Trestle and Stone’s Throw. Plus the article cites “thick butter fried pancakes” – not even sure what that means, but I want it.

On Saturdays for $18 you can have bottomless with what appears to be no time limit. The menu says bottomless only applies to the traditional OJ mimosa, but they also have a tropical mimosas (lime and pineapple), a bellini with blood peach and thai basil, and “Off to the Races,” a mimosa with grapefruit and cucumber. In an effort to maintain the thorough journalistic standards of this brunch site, I have an inquiry into their email address to find out whether bottomless can include all of their mimosa varieties.

This one’s going on the to-do list, and you’ll hear about it as soon as Brunch Club has visited and rendered a verdict. In the mean time, we’re headed to Blackwood today, so watch out for a review of that as soon as my hangover subsides. In the mean time, if you have Corridor brunch before I do, let me know how it is!

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The Pink Elephant Alibi

pink elephant brunch

The Pink Elephant brunch is one of SF’s most popular, and with good reason. You’ll find it in SOMA on Minna near New Montgomery, and it’s unassuming from the outside, to say the least (read: it’s in an alley that smells like pee). Once you get inside and see their bottomless set up, though, you’ll have your phone in one hand Instagramming (shameless plug: follow Brunch Club on IG!) and a mimosa in the other.

If you’re planning to come to Pink Elephant, get there early. Reservations are only accepted for right when they open at 10:30, and after that it’s first-come, first-serve. We had a res, thankfully, since when I got there five minutes before they opened, there was already a line halfway down the block. Also a homeless man clearly knew what we were all doing there and shouted at the line. There may be no experience that better encapsulates SF than waiting in a long line in an alley for brunch while getting berated by a homeless guy.

Once you’re inside, it feels more like a loud, dark bar than a restaurant, which makes for a fun environment. Still, be prepared to shout your conversations at the table.

The Bottomless

$22 for the most unique and diverse bottomless experience in the San Francisco brunch universe. When you order bottomless from your waitress, she gives you a wristband, and from there on out you serve yourself drinks at the bar. There are pitchers of champagne and about 20 different kinds of juices. Because you make your own mimosas, the ratio’s always perfect (reminder: almost entirely champagne with a splash of juice for color) and the variety of juices is really interesting.

A few highlights on the juice side of things: aloe vera, which I thought was used to help sun burns heal, turns out to be a great addition to your mimosa that’s not too sweet. Peach/mango/strawberry are there if you like things much more on the sweet side, and watermelon’s a good choice for something a little lighter. There’s also coconut, which is okay if you’re into that sort of thing but makes it look like you’re drinking a glass of milk.

There’s a two hour limit, which was pretty strictly enforced, but with this setup you should very well be able to get your fill.

The Food

All good, with a few standouts – start with the pork belly, which is done perfectly. After that, they advertise their pork chili as a hangover cure, and they aren’t kidding. It’s thick and hearty, plus it comes with a couple of fried eggs on the side.

I opted for the chimichanga, and I highly recommend it. If you’re not familiar, a chimichanga is basically just a fried burrito, which makes it a perfect pairing for aggressive drinking at 10:30am.

The Service

The wait staff was great, and having do-it-yourself mimosas took the pressure off of them to constantly be refilling us but was also a lot of fun.

We were told when making a reservation that the policy was strict on having everyone present right at 10:30 to get in. Because the people in Brunch Club are questionable when it comes to timeliness, we were only at about half strength at that point, but they seated us (with a warning that everybody would be held to the same two hour limit even if they showed up late, but that’s the price for tardiness). A couple of hours later the owner came by, introduced himself, and very politely asked us to vacate the table (but invited us to have another mimosa or two at the bar). Really nice guy, and totally fair about getting us out of there to turn the table over.


Pink Elephant brunch has a reputation as one of SF’s best, and it lives up to it. It’s extremely lively and a ton of fun to go with a big group. The mimosa experience is unique, the wait staff is friendly and a trip here promises to start your Saturday right.

Rating: 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾

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The Vestry

The Vestry SF Brunch is in a restaurant inside the Chapel, a large bar and music venue in the Mission on Valencia and 19th. If
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